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The Reverend Mark Anthoni Thomas is the Senior Pastor of The Contee A.M.E. Zion Church of Washington, DC.  Pastor Thomas has served in, “The Methodist Church,” for over 20 years in  Philadelphia, North Carolina, Maryland, California and now in DC.

Pastor Thomas' unconventional approach to ministry and worship has cleared an ecclesiastical path for the young and old; the churched and unchurched; for saints and sinners.  He has a unique ability to lead people to Christ and to victorious living by using humor and homiletics.  And although his messages are never longer than 30 minutes, all who hear them are affected for a lifetime.  Pastor Thomas has been known to employ everything from Plato's "Republic" to today's newspaper while delivering timely messages that resonate in the hearts of God's people.

Pastor Thomas is a gifted preacher and teacher and has been a guest minister around the United States including the cities of Los Angeles, Detroit, New York, Chicago, Washington,D.C. Baltimore, Charlotte, Atlanta, Raleigh, and Philadelphia.  He has also brought forth God's word around the world in Jamaica, St. Croix and The United Kingdom.  He matriculated at The Howard University, studying History and Philosophy with a concentration in Epistemology and a minor in Communications.

Pastor Thomas is from Seat Pleasant, Maryland, just outside of our Nation's Capital.  Pastor Thomas has established himself spiritually, personally, politically and vocationally.  He is married to his, “teammate,” Lady Angel Thomas (The First Flower of Contee from which they have three beautiful children, Ethan, Jaeda and Mia.

The guidance, teachings and writings of Mohandus K. Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, John Maxwell, Bishop Thomas Jakes, Dr. Lewis M. Anthony, Bishop Milton Alexander Williams, Bishop Gregory Gerald McKinley Ingram, Minister Stephen Hurd and the Reverend Kathryn G. Brown are the persons who have influenced Pastor Thomas' ministry the most.  He is a man on a mission for the Master; walking with God and serving God's people.

First Lady Angel  Thomas

About Our Pastor

Mark  A. Thomas


First lady Angel  Thomas

Lady Angel Thomas is the Leading Lady of the Contee A.M.E. Zion Church in Washington, DC.  She is the wife of Senior Pastor Mark Anthoni Thomas.  God has blessed Lady Angel to enter into an enriching journey to serve as a "Help Meet," to her husband, Pastor Thomas.   She enjoys assisting her husband in coordinating his demanding schedule,  being an intercessor for him, and assisting in the ministry.  Lady Angel graduated from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore with a BS degree in Human Ecology (concentrating in Fashion Merchandising) and a minor in Business Administration.  Lady Angel is also a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated.

     Lady Angel is an anointed woman called by God and a Spirit Filled Worshipper.  She gave her life to the Lord at the age of 12.  Lady Angel has never been the type to just sit and look “pretty” watching others build up the Kingdom for Christ.  She strives to continue to learn, love, and live in excellence for God.  She has a “Think Outside of the Box” approach.  When you think of the ministry that Jesus had, He had an “Out of the Box” ministry.  Sticking to the norm may seem to be comfortable but why be comfortable when you can experience a miraculous experience in your life or your ministry.

     Lady Angel has actively participated on praise and worship teams.  She has experience as being a Director of Sunday morning Children’s Church, Children’s Choir, Dance, and Young Adult ministries.  Lady Angel has a calling and a passion for women of all ages and backgrounds which led her to create “My Sister’s Keeper” Ministry.  Through this ministry, girls and women are able to be empowered, encouraged, and equipped.  Empowered:  We as women need to know what the Bible says to us?  Who we are?  How does God wants us to live?  How can we teach one another?  Encouraged: We all need one another.  Equipped:  Women develop in their own personal lives through the understanding of God’s word.  Lady Angel has organized conferences, retreats and even facilitated workshops.